Your good friendship with Russia, ask to stop the attack; Ukraine’s appeal to India

Russia is constantly attacking Ukraine. Demanding new sanctions, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has appealed to India to ask Russia to end the war. In a televised speech, Kuleba accused Russia of violating the ceasefire agreement. It also called for an end to gunfire to ensure the safe evacuation of foreign students and civilians from war-torn areas.

“For 30 years, Ukraine has been a welcome home for thousands of students from Africa and Asia. Ukraine has arranged trains for foreign students to leave. It has set up hotlines. It has worked with embassies. The Ukrainian government is constantly working for them.”

Ukraine’s foreign minister has claimed that Russia is trying to win the sympathy of its citizens in Ukraine. “If Russia helps foreign students, they will all be evacuated safely,” he said. “I urge the governments of India, China and Nigeria to stop firing on Russia and allow civilians to leave,” he said.


Kuleba also said that all countries, including India, which have a special relationship with Russia, could appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the war is against everyone’s interests. He argued that ending the conflict was in the best interests of all countries. “India is one of the largest consumers of Ukraine’s agricultural products. If this war continues, it will be difficult for us to plant new crops. It is in the best interests of the world and India to stop this war in terms of food security,” he said. “Yes.”

He called on ordinary Indians to put pressure on Russia to end the war. “Ukraine is fighting because we have been attacked and we have to defend our land because Putin does not recognize our right to exist,” he said.

The Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that about 13,300 people had so far returned to India from Ukraine on 63 flights under Operation Ganga. He said 15 flights had landed about 2,900 in the last 24 hours. In a briefing, External Affairs Ministry official spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “In the last 24 hours, 15 flights have landed with about 2,900. About 13,300 people have returned to India from 63 flights under Operation Ganga. 13 flights in the next 24 hours.” More than 21,000 people have fled Ukraine, he said.


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