Yes, Pakistan’s নে 2 billion project on the Russian gas pipeline

Pakistan is planning to finalize a Russian-built gas pipeline, despite international pressure to isolate Moscow financially. Reported in the Financial Times. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Shawkat Tarin says an agreement with Russia to build a billion-dollar Pakistan Stream pipeline is almost complete. It is also known as the North-South Project.

Projects worth more than 2 2 billion

“We need a gas pipeline to carry LNG from south to north,” Tarin said. In the next two to three years it will become almost necessary for us. Either there is an option for us or we will move forward with this deal but it is the best option so far.

Tarin said that after Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow, Russian officials would soon travel to Islamabad to finalize the Pakistan Stream Pipeline Agreement. The pipeline, built by a group of Russian companies, is estimated to cost more than $ 2 billion.


Is Pakistan on Russia’s side in Ukraine issue?

Pakistan has refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during the Cold War and after the 2001 war on terror, despite public pressure from Western allies, including the European Union and the United Kingdom. Many countries, including the European Union, Britain and Australia, appealed to Pakistan to condemn Russia in the UN General Assembly vote, but Pakistan abstained. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has said he is “sorry” for the conflict but wants to remain neutral.

Russia and Pakistan have grown closer

In recent years, Islamabad has moved closer to Moscow. Pakistani officials are looking for ways to secure energy and believe that disrupting relations with Russia would be too costly. We tell you that Pakistan produces gas but it has also started importing from the Gulf due to increasing demand for energy in recent years. Tarin said the high price would hurt Pakistan badly after the US embargo on Russian oil and gas imports.


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