Worse situation in Sri Lanka: Two killed in line for petrol, test postponed due to lack of paperwork

Crisis in Sri Lanka: The situation in neighboring Sri Lanka has become explosive due to inflation and economic crisis. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and people are desperate for what they need. The situation in Sri Lanka, which has been facing a severe crisis for almost a year, has deteriorated to the point where two people standing in line for petrol died on Sunday. People are extremely upset as the price of fuel oil is skyrocketing in the country. Colombo police spokeswoman Nalin Thaladua said the two men were in their 70s. Both were waiting for petrol and kerosene at different places.

For weeks, the situation was so bad that petrol pumps were open for hours, and people lined up a few hours before they could get it. Besides, power supply is also being disrupted. Electricity has been cut off for a long time. Electricity is available only for necessary services. The police spokesman was a 60-year-old auto driver. The situation could worsen in the coming days as work on the country’s only oil refinery stalled. Not only that, there is a huge shortage of LPG. A 12 kg LPG cylinder is now available in Sri Lanka for up to Rs 1,359.


Future ruined: Students’ exams postponed due to lack of paper

A large number of people are now being forced to cook only with kerosene, which can be found by standing in long lines. The impact of the current crisis in the country is also visible on the students. Students had to cancel school exams due to shortage of paper in the country. In fact, Sri Lanka imports paper for its needs and is unable to do so due to lack of dollars. In that case, the only way forward was to cancel the test. According to the education authorities, school examinations were scheduled to be held across the country from Monday but they have been postponed indefinitely due to shortage of papers.


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