What will happen if India and America go to war in Ukraine?

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of people from many countries want to help and fight for the defense of Ukraine. Many laws in this country do not allow it. What if these people really went to war? Canada, Georgia, India, Japan, Britain and America are among the countries where ordinary people want to go to war on their own to help Ukraine. Many news agencies have reported about this. What do the laws of these countries say about this? There is no barrier in the United States for American citizens to serve in the military of another country. This is stated on the website of the US State Department. If a U.S. citizen is involved in a war against a country with which the United States has a peaceful relationship, that citizen may relinquish his or her U.S. citizenship at will. However, it is clear from previous Supreme Court decisions that an American’s citizenship cannot be revoked on the basis of employment in a foreign military alone. In 1794, the United States enacted a law called the Neutrality Act. The law prohibits U.S. citizens from waging war against countries that have peaceful relations with the United States. A U.S. citizen could face up to three years in prison for doing so.

Read more: This law will not allow any country to help Russia, this law can be technically applied to people who voluntarily join the war against Russia. It was used against Americans who attempted a coup in Gambia in 2014. Apart from this occasion, this law has rarely been used in modern history. “Lacking links to internal terrorism, it’s hard for me to imagine that Americans would be judged for going to Ukraine,” said David Mallett, a professor at American University in Washington. If the tax-fighting volunteers return, they could face trial A spokesman for the British Foreign Office declined to say what punishment he could face. In 1870 the British Foreign Allocation Act was amended. This law prevents citizens from waging war against countries that are at peace with Britain. However, this law has not yet been used in modern day wars. The British Foreign Secretary initially expressed support for the volunteers who went to fight in Ukraine, but later gave a clear warning to those who are going there. It is reported that some members of the British military who are currently on leave may be in Ukraine.


However, the veracity of these reports was not found. The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison has called on the people of Ukraine not to get involved in the ongoing war. Last month, he told reporters that there were some “uncertain conditions” legally regarding citizens joining as “foreign civilian fighters”. India The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has refused to comment on the issue of civilians going to Ukraine and joining the war. In 2015, when Indian nationals went to Iraq to go to war, the ministry told the Delhi High Court that allowing Indian people to join other countries’ conflicts would “lead to allegations that the Indian government is promoting terrorism in other countries. Has any country allowed civilians to leave?” They will not prosecute volunteers fighting in Ukraine. However, in the past, federal police have said they are monitoring extremists who could go to Ukraine. Police say such volunteers could also be stopped. Denmark and Latvia have said they will not bar their citizens from voluntarily leaving the country. Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand has also said that it is “her own decision” if Canadians want to leave clearly. Daphne Richmond Barak, a professor at Israel’s Ladder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, said that under international law, the Russian summary A forces must treat foreign fighters as prisoners of war, regardless of their nationality.

This means that Russian soldiers must provide food, water and medical care to captive volunteers. However, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said last week that Western fighters fighting in Ukraine would not be considered legal fighters and could face criminal justice or worse. Can volunteers be judged? Volunteers will join the fight as members of the Ukrainian military, so they are less likely to be tried in their own country. However, if they are involved in war crimes or any such activities, the matter will be different and then they can be tried. Around 20,000 people from around the world have expressed their desire to join Ukraine in the war. Although no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Russia, meanwhile, has said fighters from Syria and some Middle Eastern countries are ready to fight for Russia in the war against Ukraine. The Russian president’s office has also approved his inclusion. Some local groups fighting the Islamic State in Syria may be involved in the war. NR / RS (Reuters).


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