Was the impact of the Ukraine war visible in Russia? The ‘ban’ on food has started

The effects of the Ukraine crisis are now visible in Russia. The Russian government has begun imposing restrictions on food in its own country. The government said on Sunday that Russian retailers would restrict the sale of essential food items to curb the black market.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that there have been some incidents where essential food items have been purchased in large quantities. This decision has been taken after that. A statement from the ministry said that the trade bodies representing the retailers, through a resolution, had asked the retailers to limit the quantity of goods sold to individuals at any time.

A statement from the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the initiative was supported by the trade associations and was approved. The statement further said that these institutions will formulate policies in this regard themselves.

Explain that essential products include bread, rice, flour, eggs and selected meat and dairy products, the prices of these products are under state control.

Could Ukraine invasion be a global financial crisis?


Russia’s attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and other cities have added to the uncertainty in the world economy. (Russian President Vladimir) Condemning Putin’s war, Western nations have announced some economic sanctions aimed at Russian financial institutions and individuals.

The sanctions include removing some Russian banks from the SWIFT system used for international payments, freezing the assets of Russian companies and industrialists in the West, and allowing Russia’s central bank to use up to 30 630 billion in foreign exchange reserves.

Kingdom of War

Hundreds of men lined up to join the country’s army in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, during the devastating war. The Ukrainian government has banned men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country to ensure their availability for military service.

However, there are some young men like Velodimir Onisco who are ready for war on their own. “We know why we’re here,” he told Britain’s Sky News. We know why we are defending our country. Our people are actually standing there fighting the Russian troops.


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