Vladimir calls Putin ‘crazy’, body of 23-year-old model found in suitcase missing for over a year


The body of 23-year-old model Greta Weidler, who publicly described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a psychopath, has been found in a suitcase. He had been missing for almost a year. Although his social media account was active. Weidler posted about Vladimir Putin last year, saying Putin was a “crazy” person.

Model Greta Weidler feared for her life after criticizing Putin. He wrote in a post that trying to protect Russia’s integrity would one day have tragic consequences for me. Media reports say that Greater’s ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin murdered her and continues to run Greater’s social media account. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. Greater had an argument with his ex-boyfriend over money. He then suffocated and killed the model.


The accused pleaded guilty

The defendant confessed that he drove Greta 300 miles to kill her. He then suffocated and put the body in a suitcase in the trunk of the car. The accused also admitted that he slept in the hotel all night with the body after the murder.

After Grety’s murder, defendants operated her social media account for a year. Admitting this, Korovin said he did it so that no one would suspect the model of murder.


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