Ukraine’s worst situation … what will happen tomorrow if life is saved today, don’t starve to death: war reporter tells the story

Michelle Gratton talks about her experience reporting for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) journalist Sarah Ferguson in the midst of a tense war in Ukraine. Granton sought to explore the challenges journalists face in covering the war. Sarah and her team present an approximate picture of the conflict and the death toll in Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine.

“A lot of things like that aren’t very important when reporting … Can you eat? Can you get a driver? Can you get out? Once we get those things, we’re ready to go,” Sarah said.

Russian troops also fired during the evacuation


The Ukrainian government knows how important it is to take its story to the world. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky understands the importance of telling the story of what is happening in the country. Sarah said Russian troops also opened fire as evacuated people trapped in various Ukrainian cities.

Sarah says Russian troops have not even given up on civilian evictions. So evacuating people was very dangerous. It was difficult to get there. The people of Ukraine, trapped in this terrible situation, are engrossed in daily struggles without thinking precisely about the future. People are just wondering what will happen tomorrow if they live today. Everyone is spending their days in panic.


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