Ukraine Russia Crisis: Topless Demand for Ceasefire, Who Opposes Putin’s Attack on Ukraine

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is being opposed in various ways. Meanwhile, a feminist group in the Spanish city of Madrid went topless and demanded that Putin stop fighting. The feminist group Femen has protested the attack on Ukraine in front of the Russian embassy in Madrid.

The message was written on the body

The members of the group did not wear clothes to protest in front of the Russian embassy. One member wrote on his chest, “Peace for Ukraine.” Several female members were also included in the group and had various messages written in Spanish to Russian for Ukraine on their bodies. However, the officials tried their best to stop them. The forces present there dragged the agitating members away.


Such is the history of the party

We tell you that this France based women’s group was founded in 2008 in Ukraine. The group opposes Russia’s pressure on Ukraine from time to time. It is noteworthy that this feminist group called Femin has raised its voice on all issues. The members of this group are known for their unique protests. During the performance, these people take off their clothes and write various messages on the body. The members of this group go topless and oppose issues like sex tourism. The group also opposes Russia’s war against Ukraine.


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