Uighur group angry over Wang Yi’s arrival at OIC, says China is massacring Muslims in Xinjiang

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting is being held on March 22-23 in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is attending the meeting as a special guest. Uighur organizations have expressed concern over the meeting of Muslim countries in China. The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) has said that Wang Yi’s presence in the OIC undermines the OIC’s credibility and international reputation.

OIC can’t turn a blind eye to Muslims’ plight

WUC President Dalkun Isa said the presence of a Chinese government representative at the upcoming OIC meeting of foreign ministers reflects China’s widespread influence among Muslim-majority governments. If the OIC seeks to be a credible voice in the Muslim world, it cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of millions of Uighurs and other Turkish Muslims in East Turkestan.

‘China is destroying important religious sites’


The WUC said the agenda of the meeting was Islamophobia, but surprisingly, the OIC website made no mention of the ongoing Chinese atrocities against Uighur Muslims. Thousands of mosques, temples, cemeteries and other places of religious significance have been destroyed or damaged in East Turkestan. The OIC has consistently distanced itself from the Uyghur issue.

The world has broken the silence on the Uyghur issue

The WUC called on the OIC to reject the coercive influence of the Chinese government and to break the OIC’s silence on the Uighur genocide. The WUC said Wang Yi’s presence at the OIC meeting would be seen as an unwavering support for Chinese atrocities on Uighurs. The WUC has called on international organizations and governments around the world to take a strong stand against human rights abuses by Uighurs.


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