The United States is trying to overthrow the government in Pakistan? Imran Khan says – America wants to remove me

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has leaked the secret of the threatening letter. This is the same letter that Imran Khan repeatedly referred to and said that there were foreign powers behind destabilizing his government. In his address to the nation on Thursday, Imran Khan also mentioned the name of the country.

Pakistan’s PM says US wants Imran Khan to step down “Sitting in Pakistan, outside forces are conspiring against me,” he said. There is something very frightening about the threatening letter, I put it in the cabinet, before the Security Council, I showed it to the journalists in front of the parliamentary committee, it was not done to intimidate.

Imran Khan further said, why the United States wants to remove his government? Imran Khan said that America is dissatisfied with my decision to go to Russia. He said he had received a message from the US in March that if Imran Khan did not lose the no-confidence motion and did not stay, then Pakistan would be in trouble. When I leave, America’s anger will subside.


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Imran Khan is angry with Kashmir again, he has poisoned the Modi government

Imran Khan is angry with Kashmir again, he has poisoned the Modi government

“We fought with the United States against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, we trained a large number of mujahideen, but we did not get any credit after that fight,” Khan said. Other countries have learned from Pakistan, I have seen Pakistan come down, I have seen violence.


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