The horrors of war: the cities where aircraft equipment, from ships to tractors were made, are now in ruins

The Ukrainian cities that Russia has attacked are the backbone of Ukraine. It is clear that Russia wants to destroy the economic and educational corridors of Ukraine, because the Russian army is attacking these cities at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. What is the role of major Russian-occupied cities in Ukraine’s economy and education sector? Reportedly.

Kiev: From food to ship equipment

Kiev is at the forefront of electricity, gas and water supplies. It supplies 26 percent of the electricity, gas and water used in Ukraine’s industries. Food and tobacco products are also produced in large quantities here. Paper products are also produced in large quantities. Equipment related to the Navy and Air Force is also manufactured on a large scale.

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Education: There are large institutions for studying medical, engineering and petroleum engineering. The Ukrainian National IT Factory opened in 2016 with a modern IT education system.

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Mariupol: Strong base of steel mills and chemical plants

There are 56 industrial units associated with steel mills, chemical factories and heavy industries. The specialty of this city is that it is connected by rail and sea. The city plays an important role in the budget of Ukraine. Due to large scale industries, an average of 97% of the people here have some employment in the manufacturing sector.

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Education: The city of four lakh population has eleven higher education institutions with about 6,300 seats. It is important to study marine transport, steel and chemical engineering.

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Kharkiv: Tractors from aircraft are made here

Here 270 companies manufacture tractors and other heavy equipment from aircraft. It accounts for 17 percent of the world’s heavy machinery. It manufactures medical equipment, including turbines, electric engines, tower cranes, radios and electronic equipment. Software-driven machines are also made in large sizes.

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Education: One and a half lakh students are studying in ten universities, eight educational institutions and ten private higher education institutions. About three thousand students from 50 countries of the world take special training.

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Kherson: Leading shipbuilder

Connected to the Black Sea and the Dinapar River, the city is a major shipbuilder. With a population of about 300,000, the city has about 200 economic units. From machine engineering to food production, chemical production, light industry strengthens the economy. Electricity is also widely produced here. Education: About 15 institutions provide higher education. These include Kherson Agricultural University and the International University of Business and Law.

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Odessa: Leading in the field of oil refineries

The city is ahead in terms of oil refineries. Also, the Ukrainian economy gets a huge income from the food, timber and chemical industries that work here. There is a seven kilometer long market which is considered to be the largest market in Eastern Europe. There are a total of six thousand shopkeepers here, where an average of one and a half lakh people shop every day.

Education: Odessa National Economic University is the oldest known identity here, having been established in 1921. Every year, one thousand Maritime Academy officials visit the world.

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The world economy will be shaken by the Russia-Ukraine war, it is impossible to make up for the loss
Cristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said it was “impossible” to recover from the damage caused by the war in Ukraine. The economic infrastructure with the people of Ukraine has been badly damaged. Millions have left their homes and jobs. Factories are closed, which will take a long time to recover after the war.

World Bank President David Malpas says the economy of war-torn Ukraine will shake the world economy. Many countries in the world were dependent on Ukraine, which will face various crises in the future. Jobs have been cut off in Ukraine. The world’s poorest countries will suffer the most from rising oil prices.

Russia wants to cripple Ukraine

Economists say Russia wants to cripple Ukraine by attacking its major cities. The cities that Russia is currently attacking are important from an economic point of view. These cities are almost isolated from Russia’s activities. In this situation, it may take a long time for these cities to recover after the war.


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