The heat of Ukraine is sure to reach Indo-Pacific: Australia

The impact of the Ukrainian attack is growing in the Indo-Pacific region. The threat of a Chinese attack on Taiwan has intensified and preparations have begun. Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton has indicated that his country could help Taiwan with arms if China is aggressive against Taiwan. At the moment, the way Ukraine is being helped with weapons will be the same. This is a major sign of the growing fear of China’s use of force to control Taiwan. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made it clear that the flames of the Ukraine conflict are bound to reach the Indo-Pacific region. He mentioned the possibility of an attack on Taiwan by China. He says the world’s rule-based system is under threat and under attack. “The world is changing,” he said. “We are at risk of becoming a world where policy, accountability and transparency and bargaining alone will not work. Sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence will be undermined.” “It’s important to stop being aggressive.

Asked by reporters if Australia would supply arms to Taiwan the way Australia is supplying arms to Ukraine, Peter Dutton said: “Let me make it clear that we want peace in our region. But if you are weak and want peace.” If you want it, there will be no peace. ” Peter Dutton said China is building nuclear weapons and they are building huge armies. Australia last year formed a military alliance with Britain and the United States to acquire nuclear submarines. These submarines could be deployed to Australia by 2040. Australia has announced plans to build a new base on its east coast near Sydney. “Foreign intervention will not be tolerated,” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in a speech on Saturday, adding that the country would fulfill President Xi Jinping’s dream of preparing its military for a new era of military strategy. However, he did not indicate any change in China’s approach to Taiwan. China’s talks at the Indo-Pacific Forum in Europe continued unnamed, with Li saying, “China will take peaceful steps towards development and Chinese integration in the Gulf of Taiwan. We strongly oppose separatist activities, such as Taiwan’s independence, and oppose any foreign intervention.”


China announced on Saturday that it would increase its defense budget by 7.1 percent to 9 229 billion, or about 5 1756 billion, in 2022. After the United States, China has the largest defense budget in the world. Last year, the budget increased by 7.8 percent. The United States has increased its defense budget by just two percent this year, spending ২ 6.2 billion on defense. The Chinese government has said its spending will be on improving its troops. Threat of attack in China

Last month, when Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, he expressed opposition to NATO expansion. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, and on the same day, eight Chinese jet fighters flew over Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. China has done so many times in the past year, which Taiwan opposed and feared an attack. At a security conference in Munich, Germany, last month, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the world against a more courageous China. Before the attack on Ukraine on 19 February, Johnson said, “If Ukraine is in danger, its echo will be heard all over the world. This echo will be heard in East Asia as well. Taiwan too. (AP).


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