The former finance minister of Afghanistan drove a taxi to the United States, once presenting a budget of $ 6 billion

Former Afghan Finance Minister Khalid Payenda drives an Uber cab in the US capital, Washington DC. He resigned about six months ago, a week before the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. At the time, Payender’s relationship with former President Ashraf Ghani deteriorated.

Payenda reported that he earned just over $ 150 for a six-hour night work earlier this week. It is known that once as Afghanistan’s finance minister, he had a US-backed $ 6 billion budget. After coming to America, he was reunited with his family. He said coming to Washington from Kabul was a combination for him.

‘I have no place now’

The former finance minister of Afghanistan says he is grateful for the opportunity to help his family. “I have no place now,” he said. I’m not here and I’m not there either. It’s a very empty feeling. He is also an assistant professor at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


What does Payenda say about America?

“I saw a lot of inequality and we failed. I was part of the failure. It’s hard when you see human suffering and you feel responsible,” Payenda said. By making Afghanistan the focus of post-9/11 policy, the United States has betrayed its commitment to democracy and human rights, he said. Maybe there was good intentions in the beginning, but America probably didn’t.

‘What used to be made with cards …’

Payenda can learn about the fall of Kabul on television and then on Twitter. “Everything we built was a house of cards that collapsed so quickly. It was a house of cards built on corruption. Some of us in government chose the path of theft. We took our crooks,” he said.


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