The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia have failed to reach an agreement

Talks between the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine in Antalya, Turkey have not yielded any major results. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart Dimitro Kuleba held talks in Antalya, Turkey. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was also present at the meeting. The meeting was expected to lead to a ceasefire agreement between the two sides. Dimitro Kuleba said there had been “no progress” in the 24-hour ceasefire. Kuleba expressed his frustration, saying “it looks like someone else in Russia is going to make a decision”, while Kuleba reiterated that his country would not back down. “I want to say again that Ukraine has not surrendered and will not surrender,” Kuleba said. The Ukrainian foreign minister also said he would talk to Lavrov again in this format, if there was an opportunity to negotiate a solution.

Read more: More than a million children among Ukrainian refugees insist on Belarus meeting At this time, delegation-level talks between Ukraine and Russia are also being held in Belarus, but this time the group from Russia is a small one. No minister is involved with this. “Today’s meeting confirms that there is no alternative to the Russian-Ukrainian format in Belarus,” Lavrov said, referring to the Belarussian meeting. They should be given more importance in the ongoing main dialogue in Belarus and it should not be underestimated “Pictures of the meeting Russian, Ottoman and Ukrainian representatives are sitting on all sides of a U-shaped table


Only two officials were present with each minister. No indication was found as to whether the two sides shook hands before the meeting. The meeting comes at a time when anger is rife around the world over the bombing of a children’s hospital in Ukraine. At least three people, including a child, have been killed, according to Ukraine. Kuleba said he had hoped for a humanitarian corridor in Mariupol from the meeting, but “unfortunately Minister Lavrov was not in a position to make that commitment.” On the other hand, Lavrov claimed that the hospital was acting as a “military base”. Nationalist of the Radical Azov Battalion. Russia’s foreign minister has accused the European Union and other countries of providing “dangerous supplies” of weapons to Ukraine. Read more: Germany confused about importing energy from Russia “Russia did not attack” A Turkish journalist asked if Russia was planning to attack other countries as well. In response, Lavrov said, “We do not plan to invade another country and we did not invade Ukraine.” Russia’s foreign minister has said that President Vladimir Putin launched the operation on February 24 because Ukraine was “a direct threat to Russia. The Federation.” The Turkish Foreign Minister, who hosted the meeting, acknowledged that this was not easy, but added that the talks were conducted in a “very polite” manner and did not raise angry voices. Cavusoglu reported that Kuleba had confirmed that President Volodymyr Zelensky was ready for a meeting with Putin, and Lavrov also said that Putin was not against it in principle.

The Turkish Foreign Minister believes that “the meeting was an important start. Charisma should not be expected in a meeting.” Turkey’s talks are also an attempt at ongoing diplomatic efforts to reconcile Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, Israel is also trying to bring Zelensky and Putin into talks. French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly called on Putin to do the same. Turkey is a traditional partner of Ukraine and has supplied by-reactor drones to Ukraine. Ukraine is using them in the current war. However, Turkey also wants to maintain good relations with Russia due to its dependence on gas imports and tourist incomes. The Turkish president has expressed hope for a permanent ceasefire. NR / SM (AFP, AP).


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