The British are supporting Ukraine by drinking this special wine, boycotting Russia in everything

Russia is pushing from all over the world after the attack on Ukraine. First a storm of sanctions from the West, then a resolution condemning the UN General Assembly and recommending a high-level inquiry into the UNHRC. Russia’s special liquor is now being boycotted. The British people are boycotting the Russian thing and supporting the special wine of Ukraine. Over the past few days, British buyers have favored Ukrainian vodka, while Russians have been refusing wine.

Recently released Google Trends data confirms that the demand for Ukrainian vodka has increased among the British in recent times. Bars and supermarkets, including Morrison and Co-op, have decided to stop selling all Russian-made alcohol. Co-op announced yesterday that it had been “immediately” removed from Russian wine sales because the brand was heavily marketed because it was Russian and was produced in Russia. Morrison did the same.

The West has already imposed its first sanctions on Russia since the invasion of Ukraine. The intentions of these countries to hurt Russia economically are clear. Now in this episode, the British people are promoting Ukrainian wine by boycotting Russian wine. Nemirav is the largest exporter of vodka from Ukraine. Other Ukrainian wine brands include Hlibany Dar, Khortsia, Dima and Zhirkova. Nowadays the demand for these brands of alcohol has suddenly increased in Britain.


Some are still supporting the Russian brand

Meanwhile, a number of UK shoppers have complained on Twitter that many supermarkets, including Tesco, Sensbury and Asda, are still selling Russian Standard and JJ Whitley artisan vodka. Both of these wines are made in St. Petersburg, Russia. One customer tweeted to Tesco, “I’m still buying Russian vodka.”

Another Chris Roberts said, ‘Tesco, why are you still selling Russian vodka? Remove it from your shelf and stir in the Polish vodka. Show some solidarity with Ukraine.


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