‘Technology is not under India’s control’, Pakistan fires missiles

The neighboring country is trying to capitalize on the sudden launch of an Indian supersonic missile and the landing in the Mia Channu area of ​​Pakistani Punjab. Moeed Yusuf, Pakistan’s national security adviser, scoffed at the incident, saying it showed that India was not capable of handling sensitive technology. At the same time, he demanded that the world consider whether India should be able to decide on the security of its weapons. On Thursday, Maj. Gen. Babar Iftikhar, DG, ISPR, Pakistan Army’s PR unit, alleged that a flying object from India had landed in the Pakistani town of Mia Channu in Punjab.

In fact, it was a supersonic missile that suddenly fired from Sirsa and landed in Pakistan. Iftikhar claimed that it covered 124 kilometers in just 3 minutes and 44 seconds. The Indian government has also confirmed the incident and directed an inquiry into the matter. The Defense Ministry said the supersonic missile was being maintained and was fired at this time due to a technical error. Expressing grief over the incident, India said it was “satisfactory” that no loss of life or property was reported.


Pakistan’s national security adviser said it took Delhi two days to acknowledge that the missile had landed in Pakistan due to a technical glitch. This raises the question of whether India is capable of handling sensitive technology. He said the missile had moved very close to the airspace used by international and domestic flights. In this case any kind of accident can happen. Indeed, Pakistan is trying to capitalize on the technical flaws and is constantly trying to raise this issue.


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