Tamil Nadu student went to fight in Ukraine, is it allowed in Indian law?

A media report from Ukraine on Tuesday claimed that a number of foreigners, including an Indian, had joined the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to fight for Russia against Ukraine. Fighting has been raging between Ukraine and Russia for the past few days, with reports of thousands being killed.

Meanwhile, the Kyiv Independent newspaper, quoting the Ukrainian ground forces, tweeted: “Primary foreigners have already joined the Ukrainian volunteer military forces and are fighting outside Kiev. According to the Ukrainian ground forces, these volunteer troops came from the Ukrainian ground forces.” , United Kingdom, Sweden, Lithuania, Mexico and India. ”

Is it allowed in Indian law?

Now in such a situation the question arises whether Indian law allows any of its citizens to go abroad and fight? No, under Indian law, it is a crime for a citizen to take part in a fight in a foreign country. The Indian government filed an affidavit in 2015 stating that it was a crime for an Indian citizen to go to another country and fight for him.

In fact, a similar incident occurred in 2014 when a Shiite group called on the Islamic State to send registered volunteers to protect religious sites in Iraq. Not only that, the organizations were also ready for it.

Anjuman-e-Haidari, the organization that runs Jorbagh Karbala in Delhi, said the six-member team would discuss ways to send volunteers to protect Iraqi shrines from ISIS (Islamic State) and to assist in humanitarian efforts. .


Indian Muslims were registering to defend Iraq’s holy sites and, if necessary, prepare to fight the country’s Sunni Islamist militants. Thousands of people registered to fight in Iraq. But the Indian government did not allow it.

What did the Indian government say?

The Union Home Ministry, in an affidavit filed in the Delhi High Court in 2015, said that Indian nationals could not be allowed to travel to foreign countries with “declared intent to take part in any conflict”. Any attempt to organize volunteers to participate in foreign conflicts would be a “complete violation of the law and the declared policy of the land.”

Ukraine has appealed

On February 24, three days after the Russian military invaded Ukraine, the government of President Volodymyr Zelensky called on foreign volunteers to join the International Security Assistance Force, seeing the need for troops against the Russian invasion. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on February 28 that it had received “thousands” of applications from foreign nationals.


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