Russia’s retaliation: Google News banned, says fake news

Russia has taken a big step with Google in the ongoing war with Ukraine. Russia has retaliated by banning the Google News service in Russia for spreading false news about the Ukraine war. Russia’s move is seen as a response to Google’s move, where Google created the app and
He shut down his ad business in Russia for YouTube.

In fact, Russia’s communications regulator has taken action against Google News. Al Jazeera said in a report that it was blocking Google’s News Aggregator service from Alphabet Inc. The regulator has accused Google of spreading false information about Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

Google said in a statement that “it has been found that some people in Russia have difficulty accessing the Google News app and website, and this is not due to any technical issues on our part.” We have worked hard to keep the news and information services accessible to the Russian people as long as possible. ”


Google has said in a statement that Russia will not allow apps and YouTube channels to sell ads, including content that condemns or condemns the conflict in Ukraine. In addition, Google announced earlier this month that it would stop selling all online ads in Russia.

Some reports further suggest that Google was preparing to shut down its services in Russia. Although Google has not officially commented on the matter, Google is expelling its employees from Russia. Bloomberg said in a report that Google feared that the Russian government might ban it. For this reason, he was preparing in advance.

Russia has previously banned Facebook and Instagram from being extremist organizations. A Russian court has agreed to a request from prosecutors to ban two social media platforms for “engaging in extremist activity.” However, the Meter WhatsApp Messenger service has not been banned.


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