Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter Maria’s marriage has broken down

Since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his family have been the subject of much speculation and headlines. Meanwhile, a report has surfaced claiming that Putin’s daughter Maria’s marriage has broken down and that her husband has separated from her. Maria was married to a Dutch businessman. Putin’s daughter also has children, and her daughter Maria uses the nickname Voronsova with her name.

In fact, the Daily Star has given this information in a report. The report, citing Russian investigative journalist Sergei Kanev, claims that Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova is now separated from her husband. It did not say when or under what circumstances the separation took place and whether it was due to the Ukraine war. But speculation is rife that the war is affecting Putin’s family.

That doctor is Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova

According to the report, her daughter Maria was born at the same time that President Vladimir Putin was in the KGB, Russia’s spy agency. Maria is a doctor of rare genetic diseases in children. Dr. Maria Voronsova was married in the West. That being said, a huge super modern hospital is being built in St. Petersburg, with a large portion of Putin’s doctor daughter.

The reason for the divorce was not disclosed


Roman Dobrokhotov, the exiled editor of Insider’s investigative outlet, also claims that Putin’s daughter, Dr. Maria Vorontsova, is now separated from her Dutch business husband, Zorit Fassen, and that they are both divorced. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Putin’s girlfriend was also involved in the altercation

Earlier, Putin’s alleged girlfriend had been the subject of several altercations and demands for his expulsion from Switzerland. However, there is also a fact that very little is known about Putin’s personal life. Putin has already said that I have a personal life where I do not allow anyone to interfere and it should be respected.

‘I sent family to secret palace’

A few days ago, in the midst of the war, news broke that the Russian president had sent his family to an underground city where even nuclear weapons could do nothing for them. That is what a Russian professor has said about Vladimir Putin’s family. The professor claims that Putin sent his family to a secret place in Siberia.


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