Russian oligarchs are risking the world for fun

Since the invasion of Ukraine, the superheroes of the Russian oligarchs have been in great discussion. Not only are these yachts being confiscated by Western sanctions, but the oligarchs are risking the world for fun. It has been more than a month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. No one knows at the moment when this war will end. Meanwhile, sanctions against Russia and the Russian oligarchs (rich class) continue. In the wake of sanctions on Russian oligarchs, some of the world’s largest and most luxurious superheroes are being withdrawn from EU waters. Many yachts have already been confiscated. So far, more than 500 million euros worth of Russian oligarch yachts have been confiscated. Roman Abramovich, Putin’s ally and well-known billionaire businessman, has reached the current stage by selling oil and gas. In response to the ban, he took his two superheroes to the water where there are no restrictions. One of the yachts is parked in the port of Bodrum, Turkey. Abramovich’s superyacht is considered the largest and most expensive yacht in the world. Read more: The goal of US sanctions is to weaken Putin, although the cat-and-mouse game has emerged as a new story during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

People know very little about carbon emissions from these superheroes. The truth about how dangerous it is for the environment is now coming out. Putin himself is said to be the owner of a luxury yacht. According to research by Richard Wilk, a professor of anthropology at Indiana University, and his colleague Beatrice Barros, a luxurious mega-yacht can burn 7,020 tons of CO2 a year while pursuing his PhD in anthropology. Wilk and Barrows are setting records for carbon emissions from the world’s richest people. They say the ships, including helicopters, submarines, swimming pools and 100 crew members, are “the worst environmental assets ever.” An analysis by Wilk and Barrow found that the world’s top 20 billionaires emitted an average of 8,000 metric tons of CO2 in 2018 alone. However, some of these billionaires emit very little and some emit too much carbon. At the same time, the average carbon footprint of citizens worldwide was 4 tons and that of U.S. citizens 15 tons. These superheroes are responsible for two-thirds of the carbon emitted by these top billionaires. The most corrupt billionaire Roman Abramovich also has two large yachts. Abramovich’s Eclipse, which is currently in Turkey, is considered to be the most expensive megabyte in the world.

According to estimates, the oil and gas giant Abramovich emitted 33,859 metric tons of CO2 in 2018 alone. This yacht is responsible for two-thirds of the carbon footprint of the Russian merchant. Operating this Eclipse yacht costs about $ 60 million per year. The authors of the report say that the total wealth of Bill Gates is about $ 124 billion, which is about 10 times more than Abramovich. Abramovich’s net worth is just 14 14 billion. Despite this, Gates emitted 80 percent less carbon than Abramovich. Bill Gates doesn’t even have his own superhero. However, they occasionally travel by private jet. Wilk and Barrows described the figures as “icebergs” because they did not include “embedded” carbon. This means that the amount of carbon emitted during the construction of these yachts is not included. Another form of embedded carbon could be the money spent on fossil fuels used to power these luxury yachts. The sealing yacht A, seized by Italy after the embargo, is owned by Russian billionaire Andrei Igorevich Melnichenko.


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Melnichenko owns the coal company SUEK. Also, privacy laws and data protection policies serve as a shield for many billionaires. “Nevertheless, we feel that our analysis is an example and contributes to the ongoing debate over who is responsible for climate change and brings to the fore the fundamental issues,” the report’s authors say. No one really knows who owns the 140 meter long ‘Shehrzad’ superhero. Some say it belongs to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Not all megawatts in the world are climate killers. The Earth 300 will be the world’s largest superheat. Nevertheless, it will have zero emissions. Also, the goal of this superhero is to combine science and discovery in tackling climate change, the world’s biggest challenge. The 300-meter-long yacht will accommodate 400 people and will be operational in 2025. Its carbon footprint will be very small and it will be powered by nuclear energy.


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