Russian forces continue to wreak havoc in Ukraine; In the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, it is difficult to move bodies without water and electricity

Russian forces continue to attack various cities in Ukraine. Vadim Boichenko, mayor of the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, said the city had been without electricity or running water for five days. They also said that although air strikes on the city continued for the sixth day in a row, they could not recover the bodies of the dead.

Boichenko said the situation was “very complicated” and that the Russian military had already blocked humanitarian corridors. “We have a lot of social problems that all Russians have created. Mariupol, with a population of about 400,000, has been without electricity for five days. All our thermal substations are dependent. Power supply. We have no arrangements for summer,” he said in an interview with a YouTube channel.

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‘Want to separate us from human corridors’


The mayor added that no mobile network is working. Boichenko accused the Russian army of blocking the city and creating a blockade separating the city from the humanitarian corridor. “They want to separate us from the humanitarian corridor. They are cutting off supplies, medical supplies, and even baby food. Their target is to bring the city to its knees,” he said.

‘Injuries and deaths are getting worse’

Boichenko said the death toll had risen by thousands in the past few days. The statistics are just getting worse. They say they want to save the Ukrainians from being killed by the Ukrainians (the state), but they are killing themselves. The mayor also praised the brave doctors who have saved lives in the city for the past 10 days. They live and sleep with their families in our hospital, he said.

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