Russia-Ukraine war: Facebook allowed to speak openly against Russia, changes rules

Facebook has temporarily changed the rules regarding violent speech. Meta, the parent agency of the FB, says Ukraine’s invasion has simplified its rules to make statements such as “death of Russian invaders” but not threats against civilians. Indeed, international condemnation of its neighbor Russia’s aggression has provoked unprecedented sanctions from Western governments and businesses. Along with this, the incidents of expressing anger through online have also increased.

Following a Reuters report, Facebook issued a statement quoting the firm’s email to its content moderators, stating that the policy covers Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and. Applicable. Facebook and other US technology giants have stepped in to punish Russia for its attack on Ukraine. At the same time, Moscow has blocked access to major social media networks, as well as Twitter.

In Russia, the pressure is on the independent media


Russia has thus joined a very small club of countries that have banned the world’s largest social network. China and North Korea have done so before. Russian authorities have stepped up pressure on the free media since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine last month, although the country’s press freedom is already declining rapidly.

Moscow has also taken action against Twitter

Last week’s decision to block Facebook and ban Twitter came on the same day that Russia backed the imposition of prison sentences for media outlets that published “false information” about the military. In such a situation, Facebook has played an important role in providing information to Russia. However, it has been criticized for the mental health of adolescents, ranging from political divisions in the West.


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