Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Believe it or Not, Ukraine President Zelensky Warned Putin

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky issued an open warning to Russia on Saturday. Zelensky made it clear to Russia that Russia must obey him, or else it will suffer consequences for generations to come. He says the only way for Russia is to negotiate.

Russia will affect many generations

In a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Zelensky said it was time to talk. “I want everyone to listen to me now,” he said. People listen to me, especially in Moscow. When it meets, when it speaks, when it restores the territorial integrity and justice of Ukraine, otherwise Russia will suffer a loss that will affect many generations.

Russia is creating a humanitarian crisis


Ukraine’s president says Russian forces are blocking major cities. They want to create a tragic situation in which the citizens of Ukraine have to cooperate. However, Zelensky warned on Saturday that the strategy would not succeed and that Russia would suffer in the long run if the war did not end. In his video message to the nation, Zelensky said it was a completely premeditated move. Just imagine for yourself that 14,000 bodies and thousands of injured people in that stadium in Moscow. So far in the war Russia has had to pay this price. The video was recorded outside Kiev, with the president’s office behind them.

Seven humanitarian corridors in Ukraine

Zelensky noted that Ukraine has seven humanitarian corridors. Six of them are in Sumi and one in Donetsk. Ukraine’s president says more than 9,000 people have so far fled the port city of Mariupol to safety. Russia has cut off humanitarian aid to several cities. This is a very well thought out strategy. He said some of them were seriously injured in the attack on the Mariupol theater. However, no information has been received about the casualties yet.


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