Russia is preparing to brutally punish people at the corners of Ukrainian cities, find out why

European intelligence officials have claimed that Russia is openly planning executions in occupied Ukrainian cities in an attempt to break its morale. The crackdown on protesters, imprisonment of political opponents and public executions are all part of the attack strategy. A Bloomberg report says an unnamed official has claimed to have seen documents from Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Kitty Donaldson, Bloomberg’s political editor, said the Russian agency was also planning to arrest the organizers in order to break Ukraine’s morale and control the violent mob.

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for eight days in a row. Most countries in the world have condemned it. President Putin has told French President Emmanuel Macron that he wants to fully realize his military victory in the region. Russia is desperate to oust Zelensky’s government from Kyiv. He has occupied many cities. Russian troops are advancing on the southeastern city of Mariupol, although Ukraine still controls the city.


The Russian military claims control of Kherson. Local Ukrainian officials have confirmed that Russian forces have seized the local government headquarters in a port with 280,000 people. It is considered the main city of Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once again called on Putin to meet with him to reach an agreement. “I have to talk to Putin, the world needs to talk to Putin, because there is no way to stop this war,” he said.

The UN report claims that more than a million refugees are fleeing to neighboring countries. It has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II. According to Ukrainian media, Russian troops have also entered the southern city of Enherhoda, a major power plant on the banks of the Dnipropetrovsk River. This is about one-fourth of the country’s power generation.


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