Referring to the genocide of the Jews, Zelensky said that the time has come for Israel to do so

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has told Israel that it is time to abandon neutrality in the face of Russian aggression. The Zionist country must stand by Ukraine. Zelensky is also Jewish. To Israeli lawmakers, Zelensky likened the Russian attack to a Holocaust. “Even 80 years ago, Ukraine decided to save the Jews,” he said. The time has come for Israel to save Ukraine.

We tell you that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has been doing his job strategically since Russia launched its invasion. In light of its strong ties with both Moscow and Kyiv, Israel has decided and advocated for a negotiated settlement. Russia’s military presence in Syria provides security along the Israeli border.

We tell you that Bennett has been talking on the phone with both Zelensky and Putin. He also arrived in the Kremlin on March 5 to speak with Putin. “We can mediate between the two countries, but good-evil mediation is not possible,” the Ukrainian president said of Israel’s mediation.


Let us tell you that Zelensky lost his family during the Holocaust. “We can no longer allow genocide to take place,” he said. A horrific massacre has taken place on Ukrainian soil. It is very important to solve this problem in time.

Zelensky has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of working for a “final solution” against Ukraine. The term “final solution” was used by Nazi Germany to refer to the planned genocide of 60 million Jews during World War II.

Zelensky, who belongs to Judaism, added that a Russian missile had also struck Bobby Yare. Bobby Year Hall is a memorial to the Jews killed in the 1941 genocide in Ukraine.


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