Pregnant women are the victims of constant attacks

Russia continues to attack the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and almost all major cities in the country. A pregnant woman and her child have been killed in an attack on a maternity ward in Mariupol. Russia has targeted an army training base here. According to Ukrainian officials, 35 people were killed and 134 injured in the attack. On Sunday, 30 cruise missiles were fired at the Yavoriv Military Academy. Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawiki told a news conference with his Ukrainian and Lithuanian counterparts that the Russian attack on the border was aimed at “creating panic among the civilian population”, while the Russian military said on Monday that a ballistic missile attack had taken place in eastern Ukraine. At least 20 civilians have been killed in the city of Donetsk. Ukraine has denied it. The attack could not be independently confirmed. Ordinary people have to pay compensation for the war that has reached its third week. A pregnant woman and her baby were bombed at a maternity hospital in the town of Mariupol. Here the woman came to give birth to her child. The picture of the woman being taken to another hospital for rescue after the attack is very disturbing. Attempts to occupy Kiev The Russian military has once again intensified its efforts to occupy Kyiv. A local official told Ukrainian television that airstrikes and tank shelling were taking place in the suburbs of Kyiv. The town councilor of Brewery, east of Kiev, was killed in the attack. Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel also suffered extensive damage. The nine-storey building was attacked on Monday morning. Two people were killed in the attack. The blast set fire to several floors of the building and destroyed several apartments.

About seven people were injured here as well. The Russian military has also targeted Kiev’s airfield. Read more: What will happen if India and the United States go to war? In addition, a television tower in the town of Rivne was demolished. One American journalist was killed and another was injured on Sunday. His car was attacked by Russians. The United Nations says it has recorded 596 civilian deaths so far. But he thinks the actual number is much higher. Ukraine’s main prosecutor’s office says at least 75 children were among the dead. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Monday that its forces had advanced 11 kilometers in the last 24 hours. Russia’s military campaign slower than expected A close aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that Russia’s military campaign has not been as rapid as the president had hoped. This is the first time Russia has revealed any flaws in its campaign. Viktor Zolotov, head of Russia’s National Guard, is also a member of Putin’s Security Council. Zolotov accuses Ukraine that far-right Ukrainian forces are disguising themselves as ordinary people. “I want to say that everything is not going as fast as we wanted, but we are moving step by step towards our goal,” said Viktor Zolotov, whose statement was also posted on the National Guard’s website. Read also: No one will help Russia The United States and its European allies are calling Putin’s invasion an “occupation of old land.” They also say that Russia has underestimated Ukraine’s power so far. In the meantime, those who have moved to western Ukraine, thinking it is safer than Russia, have been forced to leave the country. The number of people leaving the country has risen sharply since an attack near the Polish border on Monday.


Ukraine says 35 people have been killed in a Russian attack on a military base on Sunday. Russia says about 180 “foreign fighters” have been killed and a large stockpile of foreign weapons destroyed. Ukraine has also reported an airstrike on an airport in the western part of the country. Talks between Russia and Ukraine Ongoing talks between Ukraine and Russia have been postponed until Tuesday. Mikhailo Podolia, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said top-level talks were closed for technical reasons. However, discussions are going on in the working group. Talks between the two sides began on Monday via video link. Earlier, the two sides held three-point talks in Belarus. Ukraine says it has begun tough talks on a ceasefire, including immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Russia and security guarantees. Russia, on the other hand, is demanding that Crimea be declared an independent republic of Russian territory and separatist territory. Read also: Can China build peace between Russia and Ukraine Both sides have demanded rare progress in the weekend talks. Earlier, the talks focused on the evacuation of civilians and the provision of aid by Russian forces in the occupied territories. However, ceasefires usually fail during this period. 2.8 Million Refugees The number of refugees fleeing Ukraine after the Russian invasion has exceeded 2.8 million. This information has been known from the statistics of the United Nations. For the first time since World War II, Europe has experienced such a large refugee crisis. The European Union estimates that up to 5 million people could be displaced by the war, although some other organizations estimate the number is even higher. A large number of people have also been displaced in Ukraine. These people have left the war zone and moved to quieter areas like Lviv. Miroslav, 52, fled his home in the Tarnopil area west.

Miroslav, currently standing in a terminal in Krakow, waiting for some friends. They do not know where they will stay. “We came out because of yesterday’s attack. We did not want to leave, but the attack was so close that we decided to leave,” said Miroslav, a refugee aid officer and volunteer providing food, snacks and refreshments to people in central and across the country. Eastern Europe. They are engaged in providing accommodation and medical facilities. About half of the refugees have moved to Poland, with large numbers arriving in addition to Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Moldova. From here these people are going to other western countries. So far 1.5 million people have been registered as refugees in Germany. Read more: What will be the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on Korea According to the Polish border guards, about 17.6 million people have crossed the border so far. On Monday morning, about 18,400 people arrived in Poland from Ukraine. It is estimated that about one million of these people live in Poland. Countries a little further west, such as the Czech Republic and Lithuania, are also accepting large numbers of refugees. Ukraine says it is trying to evacuate as many people as possible through 10 humanitarian corridors. Russia denies targeting civilians. It also said it was conducting a special military operation aimed at making Ukraine “civilized” and “de-Nazi”. Ukraine and the West have called it a baseless attack on democracies with a population of 44 million. “Homes are being blown up, there is no place for people to live, we are all scared,” said Alena Kasinyaska, a refugee from the town of Mikolaiv in southern Ukraine, who crossed the Danube Delta into Romania.


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