Police arrested two kangaroos on their way to India from Australia

West Bengal police have recently arrested two Hyderabadi men, including a kangaroo, in a sensational case. This incident is also tragic because kangaroos are found only in Australia. It is not known how the kangaroo reached India. The two detainees are being questioned. The case is said to be linked to international smuggling.

The incident took place in Alipurduar district of West Bengal. According to a PTI report, a kangaroo was recovered from a cargo vehicle and two persons were arrested from Hyderabad on charges of being involved in smuggling. According to a senior police official, acting on a tip-off, a police team intercepted and seized a mini-truck on National Highway-31 in Barobisha area near the Assam-West Bengal border.

According to another media report, the two arrested persons told the police that they were sending the kangaroo to a zoo in Indore. But he did not have any documents or evidence in this regard. The owner of a private livestock farm in Mizoram is said to have given kangaroo to both of them. But no one understands how the kangaroo reached Mizoram from Australia.


On the other hand, the curator of Indore Zoo Park said that an NGO from Mizoram had offered to give the kangaroo to the zoo as it wished. The two men arrested by police are 33-year-old Sheikh Imran and 32-year-old Sheikh Javid. The two have been charged under various sections of the IPC. This includes sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

An investigation has been launched into the incident but it is not known where the kangaroo came from. In this case, the zoo officials and the Madhya Pradesh government have been asked for information in a letter. Please note that kangaroos are only found in Australia. Their main food is grass and fruits etc. They have short heads, heavy jaws and short legs.


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