Police are concerned about the safety of Ukrainian women in Germany

Berlin police have received allegations of attempted abuse or molestation of women refugees from Ukraine to Germany. Police are working with volunteers so that criminals do not prey on women. Police and volunteers are busy welcoming refugees from Ukraine. He has also been accused of taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of young women and girls, especially those who are single or with small children. According to police, there have been cases when men have offered to lift or accommodate women. Police have received information that thousands of refugees are trying to seize the opportunity to spread chaos. Read more: More than a million children are among Ukraine’s refugees, although a spokesman for the federal police told DW that “they are so frightened that volunteers or our staff immediately catch their eye.” He said that the incidence of torture is very low. There is no evidence of sexual harassment, abduction or human trafficking. The spokesman said: “A woman came to us who was being tried. One person was trying to get him to help, saying, “We had to remove him from the station. People are here at the moment. ” , Who sincerely want to help.

On the other hand, there are some people who want to take advantage of this situation. “Police and volunteers at the station told local media that they should keep an eye on the suspects until they leave the woman alone. Police have also issued a warning message on social media. Activists have also been warned about the dangers of language. Activists have also been warned about this. It is also discussed when there is a team meeting in the morning to help the refugees. Read more: It is better to register their names Unfortunately, many people here try to exploit others and only such men should not go in front of the refugees. Women should not be blindly believed either. “Chisek Evans has been running a counseling center for 20 years.


Many of the women he came in contact with are from Eastern Europe. His team is working to distribute such leaflets at train stations across the country, to alert the people of Ukraine. The leaflets, written in Ukrainian, advise, “Do not take your passport away from you. Always carry your phone with you. Before boarding any vehicle, take a picture of the license plate of that vehicle. Whenever someone offers you a house or a room, its Ask for the ID. Enter his name and address. Be careful if someone promises you a lot of money right now. ” Threats of forced prostitution on Berlin or other routes in the country No evidence from German agencies or Ukrainians on human trafficking with women from Germany. Yet the fear remains. Hussein Mau, a writer, advocate for the rights of social workers and sex workers, said the danger was understandable and caution should be exercised.

“1.2 million men visit sex workers here every year. Germany is the largest destination for human trafficking in the European Union. Smugglers and middlemen are learning that refugees can bring them big money,” Mau collaborated with Airbnb. On Thursday, the German government announced a new initiative to protect refugees, especially those who have to rely on the kindness of strangers in search of a place to sleep. According to the Interior Ministry, the holiday home rental agency Airbnb has announced the offer of 300,000 private homes across Germany. These houses will be given to the new refugees. The ministry praised the individuals and companies for this. The identities and information of the people living in these homes will be available and it will be easier to make decisions about their safety. For this, the Ministry of Home Affairs will work closely with the people and such companies.


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