Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan double push! The chair of the Punjab Chief Minister is also in danger

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to be getting a double whammy. On the one hand, the opposition is going to bring a no-confidence motion against him in Parliament today, on the other hand, the government of Punjab, the largest state in the country, is also seen after the crisis. Opposition parties have demanded the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bujdar. Not only that, the opposition has also tabled a no-confidence motion against him. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MP Samiullah Khan said the joint opposition had also moved a no-confidence motion against Usman Bujdar on Monday.

Punjab is considered to be the largest province of Pakistan and important for the formation of central government. In Punjab, Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party has been in government for three years, but only 12 MLAs more than the majority. In this situation, a crisis situation may arise with the government. Opposition leaders claim that they have the support of 20 disgruntled leaders of Imran Khan’s party PTI. In such a scenario, the PTI government in Punjab may fall into a no-confidence motion. This is why apart from the Imran Khan government, the Leader of the Opposition is looking at Punjab.

Imran had earlier told the rulers that they were worthless


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        Pakistan: Imran Khan's chair will go?  A no-confidence motion will be tabled in Parliament at 4 pm today

Will Imran go to the chair? A no-confidence motion will be tabled in Parliament today

Significantly, a no-confidence motion against the Imran Khan government is being tabled in the Pakistani parliament today. Pakistan has a total of 342 members in parliament, of which 172 are required to stay in power. Imran Khan also held a big rally in Islamabad to show his strength before the no-confidence motion. In it, he said that Imran Khan has never bowed before anyone. As long as there is blood in my body, I will not allow my community to bow before anyone. Imran Khan has also targeted those who have seized power in Pakistan before him. “Those who have seized power in our country are incompetent and because of this the country has lagged behind, while India has moved forward,” he said.


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