Pakistanis angry over Turkish actress Esra Brar ad, say they will be ashamed

What did Turkish actress Esra Belzik advertise for underwear brand Victoria’s Secret Bra? On social media, Pakistani users are giving their advice as well as making obscene comments. Esra posted a video of the ad on her Instagram page, showing her wearing a blazer and bra. People there are saying good or bad to the actress, if you do these things for money, then come to Pakistan and take the money.

In fact, Esra Beilich is also very popular in Pakistan for her role as Halima Hatun in the famous Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Gazi’. Esra has played the lead role of Begum Halima of Ertugul in the series. Esra is always seen in Muslim attire as Halima. Pakistanis are no longer able to digest his bold look in Brar advertisements.

Commenting on Esra Bilich’s video, a Pakistani user wrote, “Shame, ask Pakistanis if they need money.” But don’t do it. You are destroying the culture of Islam. Another user wrote, It can’t be our Halima Sultan. Although some people have been seen to support Esra Bilich, they are not equal.


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