Pakistan: Hindu girl shot dead in the middle of the street

A Hindu girl has been killed in Pakistan. It is learned that earlier attempts were made to abduct the girl, but the accused, who failed in their plan, shot her in broad daylight. However, this is not the first attempt to abduct a minority girl in Pakistan. Hindus make up 1.75% of the population of Pakistan.

According to a report in The Friday Times, 18-year-old Hindu girl Pujo Ode was allegedly shot dead in Sukkur. Another media report quoted the girl as believed to have been shot in the middle of the street to prevent the accused.


According to the report, many girls from the minority community are abducted and converted by religious fundamentalists every year. This includes mainly Hindus living in the Indus. Pakistan’s minority communities have long faced the problem of forced marriages and conversions. Between 2013 and 2019, 156 cases of forced conversion were registered, according to the People’s Commission for Minority Rights and the Center for Social Justice.

In 2019, the Sindh government tried to enact a law against forcible conversion and marriage. Although many religious protesters at the time opposed the bill. He argued that girls were not being forced to convert, but that they were doing so after falling in love with Muslim men.


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