NATO will go to war against Russia? The Secretary-General said that if there was a chemical attack, the outcome of the war would change

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that Russia itself could try to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, blaming the United States and its allies. Earlier on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said Russia’s possible use of chemical weapons against Ukraine was a real threat.

“We are partly concerned because we are seeing all kinds of rhetoric. We see Russia using chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine, the United States and NATO allies,” the NATO secretary told reporters after the NATO summit in Brussels. He said that any use of chemical weapons would have far-reaching consequences.

Earlier, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed that Ukraine was preparing to use chemical weapons on its own people and that Russia would be held responsible. Russia claims that the United States is assisting Ukraine in this task. At the same time, Western nations believe that Russia is considering using chemical weapons.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said that Russia could prepare for a biological attack on Ukraine under NATO pretext. If that happened, it would change the nature of the war. In that case, NATO is expected to take part in the war. Because any kind of chemical attack in Ukraine will directly affect its allies.

“There is also a risk that this (chemical weapons attack) will have a direct impact on the people living in NATO countries because we will see it leaked here, we will prevent the spread of chemical agents or biological weapons in our country,” Stoltenberg said. You can see. ”


Jens Stoltenberg said NATO allies had agreed to supply arms to Ukraine to counter such attacks. “We have activated our chemical, biological and nuclear defense components,” the NATO secretary general said in a key statement.

“We are concerned that Russia could use these weapons in Ukraine,” said Jens. He said in a statement that the NATO summit on Thursday would agree that NATO would help protect Ukraine against chemical weapons attacks. “This assistance may include assault detection equipment, security and medical assistance in Ukraine, and attack preparedness training,” he said. Stoltenberg said NATO member states were stepping up their preparations.

Message to China

Jens Stoltenberg sent a message to China that Russia should be condemned. “Our message to China is to join the rest of the world and condemn the brutal war against Russia and not to support Russia financially or militarily,” he said.


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