NATO leaders visit Ukraine’s capital, Russia continues to fire shells inside Kiev

Russia’s attack on Ukraine moved closer to central Kiev on Tuesday. Russia is constantly attacking Kyiv. Shortly before dawn on Tuesday, a large explosion rocked Kiev, prompting Ukrainian officials to call it an artillery strike. On Tuesday, Russia carried out several airstrikes in a residential area of ​​the Ukrainian capital, setting fire to a 15-storey building in Kiev. The attack killed at least one person and left several others trapped inside the building.

Russia is under attack as leaders of three NATO member states plan to visit Ukraine’s troubled capital. Leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are visiting Kyiv on Tuesday for an EU mission near the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, to show their support for the war-torn country.


Czech Prime Minister Peter Fialla tweeted: “The purpose of this visit is to express our unequivocal support for Ukraine and its independence and independence.” Jaroslav Kakjinsky is also touring.

The Ukrainian military said in a statement that the artillery shells fell near the Svetoshansky district in western Kiev and on the outskirts of Irpin. Flames were seen erupting from the building after the attack, and several firefighters climbed the stairs to put out the blaze.


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