ISKCON attack: The promise of Sheikh Hasina’s government, the perpetrators will be punished in a way that will set an example


The Bangladesh government has now said that the perpetrators of the attack on the ISKCON temple in Dhaka will be given the harshest punishment, which will be an example. The Sheikh Hasina government has promised that no criminal, irrespective of religion or caste, will be spared. In an official statement, the Sheikh Hasina government said that according to the report, the incident took place on March 17. Mohammad Shafiullah wanted to occupy the plot after the court verdict as it was adjacent to the Radhakanta temple. He was then stopped by a group of 15-20 people, including the head of the Iskcon temple.

“It is learned that ISKCON members have filed a case against Mohammed Fullah under sections 145 of the CrPC 2017, 2016 and 2022,” the statement said. Rejecting that, the court directed Shafiullah to occupy the land. He said he went to occupy the plot with valid documents.


The Bangladesh government says the administration is in contact with both sides and is trying to reach an agreement. The statement added, “The matter is under investigation and no one found guilty will be released.” A mob of 200 people attacked the Iskcon temple on Thursday. The mob also damaged the ISKCON Radhakanta temple.

What did Iskcon say?

Radharman Das, vice-president of the ISKCON Kolkata chapter, said the Bangladesh government had deployed police for security at the temple premises. He said long-term measures should be taken to protect minorities in Bangladesh so that incidents of vandalism and violence in places of worship are stopped.


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