INR USD exchange rate today: 100 Indian Rupees to US 1. 1.31 exchange rate till March 22

For 100 Indian rupees, you will get $ 1.31 in US. According to the exchange rate on March 22, the Indian rupee will be 0.013 US dollars. According to the exchange rate, one US dollar would be 76.08 rupees for India. The Indian rupee closed at 76.18 against the US dollar. The exchange rate or currency exchange rate depends on economic performance, inflation, interest rate differential and capital flows.

The rupee’s depreciation was reportedly limited as exporters rushed to sell US currency after falling oil prices. At the same time, this is due to the huge change in oil prices. Prices, which depend on local tax events like VAT, may rise in the next few days as Indian oil companies make up for losses by holding prices for a record 137 days.


According to Crisil Research, an increase of US $ 30 per barrel in the price of crude oil requires an increase of Rs 15-20 per liter. As a result, the Indian rupee has depreciated against the US dollar, making imports more expensive. International oil prices have started to rise again this year, reaching a 14-year high of US 140 140 earlier this month. Brent traded at 8 118.59 a barrel on Tuesday.

On the other hand, those who have ordered Indian Rupees in the US should look at these rates. If money is ordered from India at the rate of Rs 100, it will be only 3 1.31 in America. At the same time, the value of one dollar sent from America will be 76.08 rupees in India.


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