India could have responded if the missiles had landed, but we have exercised restraint: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that Pakistan could have responded to India if Indian missiles landed in Punjab province, but they have shown restraint. An unarmed Indian supersonic missile landed in Pakistani territory on Wednesday. Several airlines were in danger before the missile hit a cold store near Mia Channu, 285 km from Lahore.

However, no casualties were reported in Pakistan due to the missile strike. In her first response, the Prime Minister said, “We could have responded after the Indian missile attack on Mian Channu, but we have shown restraint.” Prime Minister Imran Khan was addressing a rally in Hafizabad, Punjab on Sunday afternoon amid a joint no-confidence motion by the opposition.

Describing the country’s defense readiness, Imran said, “We need to strengthen our army and the country.” Earlier, Pakistan’s foreign office said on Saturday that it was not satisfied with India’s simple explanation for the accidental missile launch in Pakistan’s Punjab province and called for a joint investigation.


Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) has said that Pakistan has proposed a joint investigation into the incident as the missile landed on Pakistani soil near New Delhi. The FO said India had failed to immediately provide information on the accidental launch of the missile.

The FO also questioned India’s security measures against missiles and similar incidents. India has claimed that the missile was accidentally launched due to a technical error during routine maintenance operations. India has ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident.


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