In one day in Saudi Arabia, 71 people were hanged, involved in various crimes including murder, murder, terrorist organization.

Sixty-one people have been hanged in a single day in connection with heinous crimes such as rape, murder, attack on a shrine and contact with terrorists. Saudi Arabia has executed so many people at once. The Saudi Interior Ministry hanged the men on Saturday, the local news agency Saudi Press Agency reported. Many of them have worked with the terrorist organization ISIS and al-Qaeda, while others have been involved in killings and rapes.

In addition to Saudi nationals, some foreigners have also been sentenced to death. Most of them are residents of Yemen. They were all involved in crimes such as targeting religious places and government institutions, killing security officials, planting landmines, kidnapping, torture, rape and stealing weapons. Besides, arms smugglers were also involved in spreading unrest in the country.

At the end of the trial, the court sentenced all these criminals to death. The ministry said the appellate court and the Supreme Court had upheld the death sentences of all of them. According to media reports, the court ordered that all of them be sentenced to death.


One of those sentenced to death was a Yemeni national. He worked with ISIS and killed a security official. In addition, two people living in Saudi Arabia have been convicted of supporting ISIS. The men killed two security officials and planned to target civilians and foreigners in the capital.

In addition, three other people living in Yemen have been convicted of killing two security officials, having links to a terrorist organization and smuggling weapons. A Saudi man has been convicted of kidnapping, torturing, killing a security official and forming a terrorist cell.

The two Saudis have been convicted of killing their mother and attempting to kill their father and brother. Also, several Saudi and Syrian nationals have been convicted of creating terrorist cells, having links to ISIS and attacking police stations.


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