If the US imposes any sanctions on India, it would be foolish, the senator suggested

Republican leader and influential lawmaker Ted Cruz has called the US sanctions on India “stupid.” Cruz told the administration of US President Joe Biden that it would be “extremely foolish” to impose sanctions on India under the Combating American Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) for the purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia.

Cruz said, “There are reports that the Biden administration is considering imposing CAATSA sanctions on India, the world’s largest democracy. I think relations between India and the United States have deteriorated under the Biden administration. It is an important partner. The alliance has deepened and strengthened in recent years, but it is lagging behind in the Biden administration. ”

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‘Biden administration’s relations with India have deteriorated’


Referring to India’s absence from the UN General Assembly during the vote on a resolution condemning Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Cruz said India was not the only country to have done so. During another hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Cruz said relations with India had deteriorated significantly in the past year under the Biden administration, as evidenced by India’s recent absence from the United Nations. This decision would be extremely foolish.

‘India has some obligations to Russia’

At the same time, a former top U.S. diplomat told lawmakers that India has some obligations to Russia and has problems with its neighbor China in the region. Atul Keshap, President of the US India Business Council (USIBC), said, “India has an obligation to Russia on regional issues, an obligation to its neighbor China.

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