Husband shot first, then raped in front of son … Ukrainian woman’s sensational allegations against Russian soldiers

A Ukrainian woman has claimed that her husband was shot dead by Russian soldiers and then raped. Her four-year-old son was crying in the next room. Officials will now investigate his allegations. “I only heard a gunshot. I heard the gate open. Then I heard footsteps in the house,” he told the Times.

She said that on March 9, Russian soldiers first killed her pet dog, then shot her husband. The woman said, “I cried a lot. I asked about my husband. Then I looked outside and saw him standing in the doorway. A soldier pointed a gun at my head. He said I shot your husband because he is a Nazi.”

He was then raped at gunpoint by Russian soldiers and threatened with death if he did not remain silent. The woman said, “She said shut up or I’ll bring your baby.”


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Recalling the incident, the woman said, “She told me to take off my clothes. Then they both raped me one by one. They didn’t notice that my son was crying in the boiler room. He told me to be quiet and come back. All the time.” He pointed a gun at my head. ”

The woman has now left her husband’s body and fled the house. “We can’t bury him, we can’t go to the village, because the village is still full of Russian troops,” he said.


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