How much do you know about Russian hypersonic missiles?

Russia claims to have used hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. These missiles, which are much faster than conventional ballistic missiles, have not been on the radar for a long time, the Ukraine-Russia war has been going on for almost a month, while Russia’s attack last Friday was very different from before. An underground depot of weapons and ammunition was targeted in a small village called Deliatin, 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border with Romania. The hideout was destroyed in the attack. But it was not so much the first time that Russia launched a hypersonic missile into this war. Russian President Vladimir Putin called them “invincible” when he inaugurated the arsenal of hypersonic missiles in 2018. He may have exaggerated the praise for the purpose of preaching, but there was some truth in it. Hypersonic missiles are common in many cases. They are different from them. Ballistic missiles because they are not caught by the missile defense system. They can hit very fast and from very low altitudes. What is the speed of a hypersonic missile? Hypersonic missiles five times the speed of sound. It flies ten times faster than that

That speed is called Mach 5 and Mach 10. Sound has no fixed speed because it depends on the variable, especially the medium and the temperature of the medium – through which an object or sound wave travels. However, by comparison, the Concorde flew at twice the speed of sound. It was a supersonic aircraft with a top speed of 2180 kmph Mach 2.04. In this sense, hypersonic flights are at least three times faster than that. The Russian hypersonic missile that was fired at the weapons depot in the village of Dalatin is called Kinjal. Its length is eight meters. According to some experts, this type of missile can fly at a speed of 6,000 kilometers per hour, which means its speed will be close to 5 marks. Where according to some experts, he can kill at the speed of Mark 9 or Mark 10.

In all cases its speed is very fast. According to the American website, the speed of this weapon is so fast that the pressure of the air in front of it creates a plasma cloud, which absorbs radio waves. For this reason, Kinjal, that is, dagger missiles and other hypersonic weapons are not being detected in the radar system. Its low flight makes this quality stronger. Read more: India-tested hypersonic technology Low altitude hypersonic missiles fly at lower altitudes than conventional ballistic missiles. They fly in low atmosphere-free trajectories. This means that the radar-based missile defense system can detect them, they are so close to their target that in many cases it is too late to intercept them. In some cases, the hypersonic missile has the advantage of changing the direction of flight in the middle. What is their range? Russian hypersonic missiles used in Ukraine are fired from the sky. Probably from a MiG-31 fighter jet.


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Hypersonic weapons can also be launched from ships and submarines. They can also carry nuclear explosives with them. The Kinzel missile can hit from a distance of 2000 km. Other hypersonic missiles can go up to 1000 kilometers. If hypersonic missiles were deployed in the Russian province of Kaliningrad, many European cities would come under their JD. Kaliningrad is far from the mainland of Russia and close to Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. The German capital Berlin is only 600 km away. However, some analysts say that the attack on the Ukrainian village of Deliatin is an isolated incident and that Russia will refrain from using its “invincible” weapons indiscriminately, despite all the advantages of hypersonic missiles.


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