Hours after the school reopened, the Taliban closed the school again, and the girls came out crying.


The Taliban government in Afghanistan has once again proved that it is nothing more than a terrorist organization. The Taliban, which two weeks ago demanded the reopening of a school for girls from today, reopened the school on Wednesday but closed it within hours. The girls, who had been hoping to go to school since Corona’s time, left the school with tears in their eyes. Earlier today thousands of girls came to school. Schools in Afghanistan have been closed since August last year. After a month, the school reopened today, but within a few hours, the school was ordered to close.


The Taliban government has issued a decree that all schools for girls above the sixth grade should be closed immediately. Asked by the Taliban’s education minister, he said it was a leadership decision and he could not comment further. A spokesman for the Taliban government must say that the people of Afghanistan, especially in its rural areas, are not mentally prepared to educate more girls.

A few weeks ago, the Taliban’s education minister told the media that the Taliban government was responsible for educating girls. Announcing today’s date, he said that all schools and colleges in Afghanistan will be opened from today. However, he also said that only female teachers can teach in girls’ schools and if there is no female teacher, an older teacher will teach girls.


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