Fear of America from Russia! “There could be cyber attacks on our companies,” Biden said

US President Joe Biden has warned US companies about possible Russian cyber attacks. Biden says in the ongoing war in Ukraine, there is a growing threat of cyber-attacks targeting important infrastructure from Russia. He warned companies to protect their intelligence with impenetrable digital systems.

Anne Newberger, Biden’s top cybersecurity assistant, expressed concern at a news conference at the White House on Monday. He said Russian hackers could target some important infrastructure entities because they ignored warnings from federal agencies to resolve issues with the software.

“Despite repeated warnings, we see that issues are not being taken seriously and are being relaxed. This makes it easier for attackers than it should be,” said Newberger, the president’s deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technologies.

US companies ignore warnings

The federal government has been warning U.S. companies about the threat posed by Russian hackers long before last month’s invasion of Ukraine. The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency has launched a “Shields Up” campaign aimed at helping companies strengthen their defenses. It urges companies to back up their data, introduce multifactor authentication and take other steps to improve cyber security.


Putin could retaliate against economic sanctions

Biden issued a statement warning that Russia could launch cyber-attacks targeting US structures in retaliation for tough US economic sanctions. “It’s part of Russia’s strategy,” he said. The United States and its allies have imposed a number of sanctions aimed at weakening Russia’s economy. Biden recently announced that the United States was sending more aircraft, sophisticated weapons and drones to help Ukraine.

Russia is considered a ‘hacking powerhouse’

Russia is considered a “hacking powerhouse”, but its offensive cyber-attacks have been relatively low since Ukraine invaded. Russia has carried out significant cyber attacks against Ukraine in recent years, including the devastating NotPetya attack in 2017, which caused more than $ 10 billion in global losses.


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