During the Ukraine war, this child traveled 1000 kilometers alone, the Slovakian government told the hero.

An 11-year-old Ukrainian boy has arrived safely in Slovakia after traveling more than 1,000 kilometers in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. According to reporters, he had a bag, his mother’s note and an emergency number written on his shoulder.

Praise the child

The 11-year-old boy came from Zaporizhzhya in southeastern Ukraine, where he was captured by Russian forces last week. According to reports, her parents had to stay in Ukraine to take care of a sick relative. The child is being praised for his immaculate smile, fearlessness and perseverance after completing this difficult journey. Slovakia’s Interior Ministry described the child as “last night’s biggest hero” in a Facebook post.


The Slovakian government introduced the child to relatives

According to reports, the boy’s mother sent him to Slovakia by train to take him to his relatives. Upon arrival in Slovakia, border officials contacted and handed him over to his relatives living in Bratislava, the Slovak capital.

According to reports, the boy’s mother thanked the Slovakian government and authorities for taking care of him. The Slovak Interior Ministry praised the child for being brave. The ministry said he came all alone because his parents had to stay in Ukraine.


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