Corona freed from Singapore, ‘mask free’ from Israel to America

Singapore has also waived the Corona rule. After administering large doses of the vaccine, the Singapore administration has decided that human movement will no longer be banned. In addition, if someone has taken the full dose of the vaccine, they will not need to wear a mask.

After the Corona incident subsided, Singapore’s prime minister said 10 people could now gather in one place instead of five, and 75 per cent of employees would return to the office from home. There will also be relaxation of test and quarantine rules for passengers.

He said many restrictions on corona would be lifted from March 29. With that in mind, it is now clear that we are ready to live with COVID 19.

Together with Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore will increase the speed of tourism


To encourage tourism, Singapore has decided to increase vaccine travel with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Necessary quarantine and covid test rules have also been relaxed. The Singapore administration has said it will not need to wear a mask outside. Although the risk of indoor infection is high, the mask must be worn.

There is no need to wear a mask in these countries.

We tell you that many countries have already given up on wearing masks. Israel was the first to declare itself covid-free, saying 70 percent of the population did not need to wear a mask after receiving the vaccine. In addition, a small country like Bhutan has also given exemption from the mask.

New Zealand has been praised worldwide for dealing with Corona. The government has lifted the mandatory wearing of masks. The United States has said that where 90 percent of the population has been vaccinated, people do not need to wear masks. Now India has also decided to remove the Disaster Management Act from March 31. But here you have to wear a mask and adhere to social distance.


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