Corona causes uproar: World virus death toll rises to 6 million

The severity of the coronavirus epidemic has so far been estimated from death statistics. The death toll from the pandemic worldwide has reached 6 million. This indicates that the epidemic has entered its third year and is not over yet.

Johns Hopkins University has collected these figures of the dead. The death toll as of Sunday morning was 5,996,882 and was expected to exceed 60 million by the end of the day. This death toll sheds light on the incredible nature of the epidemic as people abandon masks, travel biographies and businesses re-emerge around the world.


The death toll in Hong Kong is also rising. The entire population is being screened here three times this month. Poland, Hungary, Romania and other Eastern European countries have high mortality rates. The region has received more than a million refugees from war-torn Ukraine. At the same time, despite the availability of funds and vaccines, the death toll in the United States is close to one million.

Tiki Pang, a visiting professor at the National University of Singapore’s medical school and co-chair of the Asia-Pacific Immunization Coalition, says the global mortality rate is still the highest among people who have not been vaccinated against the virus.


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