China wants to improve relations with India, what is the strategy of the dragon?

Relations between India and China have been strained for the past two years. China, meanwhile, has indicated it wants better relations with India. According to reports, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi may visit India on March 24. Even after this many tours are offered. In such a scenario, in this story we will try to understand why China wants to build good relations with India.

Experts believe that China wants better relations with Delhi to start bilateral talks and pave the way for the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) summit in China. That is why Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is coming to India at the end of March.

China preparing for BRICS summit?

According to the Indian Express, Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jayashankar will visit China after Wang Yi’s visit to India. After that, members of the top politburo of the Chinese Communist Party will visit India. China has also offered to hold an “India-China Civilization Dialogue” in both countries. Beijing has also proposed Indo-China Trade, Investment Cooperation Forum and Indo-China Film Forum. However, China’s ultimate goal is to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the BRICS summit. Russian President Vladimir Putin will also take part. In addition to the BRICS summit, China will also chair the RIC (Russia-India-China) summit this year.


Modi and Jinping last met in November 2019

In view of the border issue between India and China, it is politically difficult for Prime Minister Modi to attend a private meeting with Xi Jinping. The two leaders last met in November 2019 at the BRICS summit in Brazil. In October 2019, Shi visited India for an informal summit in Mahabalipuram.

The last BRICS summit in China was held in September 2017 at Xiaomi where Modi was present. Just two and a half months before the BRICS summit, the Doklam border stalemate was resolved. Now with Wang Yi’s proposed foreign minister-level visit, Beijing is signaling that they are interested in getting the relationship back on track. Officials believe that just as the Doklam dispute was resolved before the GEOM conference, so too could the BRICS conference be resolved.


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