China is ready to play a big role in Afghanistan

As the world loses to Russia in the Ukraine war, China is preparing to expand its role in Afghanistan. In addition to Russia and the United States, China has convened a meeting of Afghanistan’s neighbors this week. China wants to play a major role in stabilizing and developing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. One international meeting after another is starting in China on Wednesday, after which China’s role in Afghanistan may increase. Representatives from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are expected to attend the meeting, which will focus on Afghanistan. A separate meeting is also being held, which will be attended by the ambassadors of China, US and Russia to Afghanistan. “China, the United States, Russia and Pakistan all have significant influence on the Afghan issue,” said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “There is a positive atmosphere in the third meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries,” Wenbin said. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will represent China at the meeting. Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaki will also attend the regional meeting. Representatives from Qatar and Indonesia are also attending the meeting as guests.

The meeting will be attended by US Special Envoy to Afghanistan Tom West and representatives of Pakistan. Recognizing the Taliban, Winben said the party’s goal was to fulfill the Taliban’s promise to form an inclusive government. A government that does not harbor terrorism in Afghanistan, stabilizes, builds its economy. Protecting the rights of human beings, women and minorities. China has not recognized Afghanistan’s new government. But the way America criticizes the Taliban has distanced itself from criticism. The meetings on the Afghanistan issue are being held in the ancient city of Tunis in Anhui province. This was done to keep the participants away from the general public. Also the 21-day quarantine condition does not apply to these delegates due to corona. Currently, the 21-day quarantine rule applies to immigrants in Beijing and other major cities. China’s interest in Afghanistan On July 28, 2022, one month before the Taliban took power, Wang Yi hosted a high-level Taliban delegation in Tianjin.

Wang called the Taliban a “key” force for peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan. China then put pressure on the Taliban and, in many other cases, to prevent Chinese Uighur Muslim groups from operating on its borders. Uyghur Muslims do not want Chinese government in Xinjiang province. Recently, when Wang Yi was visiting India, Nepal, he suddenly landed in the middle of Kabul and met with Taliban leaders. The visit comes at a time when the Taliban are facing worldwide criticism for closing schools for girls from the sixth grade. China has been reluctant to comment on issues such as restrictions on girls’ education or human rights abuses in Afghanistan. However, he has kept his embassy open in Kabul. It is clear from Wang’s visit to Kabul that there is a formal relationship between the two governments. Analysts say such a meeting could help China gain recognition for the Taliban from China and other neighboring countries. Can help Especially in Muslim countries. Surveillance of Afghanistan’s resources Although experts say China’s main concern is gaining access to Afghanistan’s vast but underdeveloped reserves. Especially up to the Mess Ainak mine, which is considered to be the largest copper deposit in the world.


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The governments that govern Afghanistan have looked at the country’s mineral resources. It is estimated to be worth over one trillion dollars and it could give this poor country a better and happier future. However, due to the ongoing war and violence, no government has been able to develop it. Now many countries including Iran, Russia, Turkey want to invest here. The chaos that has erupted since the US withdrawal last year has continued. The money of Afghanistan hidden abroad has been confiscated and the economy has come to a standstill. Through the meetings being held this week, China wants to present itself as the messiah of humanitarian aid and economic projects in Afghanistan. Alexander Cole, a Central Asian expert who teaches politics at Columbia University, said China would also ask the United States to lift sanctions on the Afghan government’s assets and accounts. “China is quietly exerting pressure on the region by presenting itself as a major foreign power. In doing so, it will also criticize US regional policy and create an alternative humanitarian alliance that would include Afghanistan’s neighbors,” Cooley said. NR / RS (AP).


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