China is building a missile maintenance center in Bangladesh, what did the Hasina government say?

In recent times, Bangladesh’s relations are getting stronger. Meanwhile, Bangladesh’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam has termed the establishment of a Chinese missile maintenance center in Bangladesh as false and misleading. Earlier, speaking to the media, Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming also said that he did not have any specific information about such a plan.

The Bangladesh government has said it has no plans to build a permanent facility

Shahriar Alam told the media that if any equipment is purchased from abroad, regular maintenance is required but there is no plan to build any permanent facility in Bangladesh. He said there was no such facility before.


Nikkei claims Asia

Nikkei Asia reports that China is preparing to set up a maintenance facility in Bangladesh for surface-to-air missiles supplied to Bangladesh in 2011. The facility is part of a “Chinese military-related investment and supply float” in Bangladesh that includes warships, naval guns, anti-ship missiles and surface-to-air missiles, the report said.

However, the Bangladesh government has rejected this report of Nikkei Asia. Shahriar Alam said that the Bangladesh government will send a letter to Asia soon.


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