China continues to infiltrate Nepal’s territory, according to an official report

The Nepalese government has accused China of occupying Nepalese territory. The news agency ANI quoted the Government of Nepal in its September 2022 report. After the Chinese occupation of Humla district of Nepal, the government of Nepal formed a commission in this regard.

China is occupying Lalungjong area of ​​Nepal

According to the report, surveillance by Chinese security forces has restricted religious activity in Lalungjong, on the Nepal border. It further said that China is also restricting the grazing of cattle by Nepali farmers.

The report said China was building a fence around a border post and trying to build a canal and a road along the border with Nepal. The report also suggested deploying Nepali security forces in the area to enhance security.


The report has been leaked

Surprisingly, Nepal is also silent on the issue as the report was leaked without the government releasing it. Despite all the evidence on the ground, the report is now pending before the State Department. After the report was leaked, Nepal’s Communications Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki said that we would resolve any border issue with our neighbors diplomatically. If there is any problem on our border with India or China, we will resolve it diplomatically.

There have been protests against China in Kathmandu

After the Nepalese government ignored the issue, Binoy Yadav, chairman of the National Solidarity Campaign, submitted a memorandum to the UN office in Kathmandu urging the international community to pay attention to China’s land grab strategy. We tell you that there have been protests in Kathmandu in the last few years against reports of Chinese occupation of Nepal, although China has denied such reports.


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