Britain has tightened its airspace rules, which would be a crime if Russian aircraft entered

The British government on Wednesday announced their new law for Russia. Under which it is considered a crime for any Russian aircraft to take off or land in Britain. Russian planes have already been banned from taking off and landing in UK airspace in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for military action against Ukraine.

The extended ban would cover aircraft owned by Russia or its companies or individuals, and the United Kingdom would have the power to intercept any aircraft belonging to Russia. The UK government also has the right to remove Russian citizens and company aircraft from the UK Aviation Register.


British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss says “criminalizing the operation of Russian aircraft from Britain and the United Kingdom will impose high economic costs on Russia and those close to the Kremlin.” “In the face of Putin’s illegal aggression, we will continue to support Ukraine diplomatically, economically and defensively, and work to isolate Russia in the international arena,” he said.

It was announced on Wednesday that additional restrictions would ban Britain’s aviation or exports of aerospace products and technology to Russia. Grant Schapps, Britain’s transport minister, said: “Putin will fail and so we were one of the first countries to ban Russian aircraft.


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